About Trustar Property Management

Trustar Property Management’s Owners have owned and managed rental property for a combined 40 years. Their company was formed first as an in house management company for their own properties that were not being served properly by outside property management companies. As owners of rental properties like yourselves (we own properties from single family homes to fourplexes, to ten unit buildings, up to 400+ unit properties). What this equates to is that we understand our business and your views and goals as an investment property owner. We make owning property a trouble free investment. Isn’t that the way it is supposed to be? If you have not experienced this let us help you enjoy your rental property. GPM is a complete professional property management company. GPM is a leader in this business, not a follower. Let us show you how we can free up your time to conquer new horizons.

Professional Property Management Software

At Trustar Property Management, LLC. we use Appfolio to run all of our properties. Appfolio is a state of the art web based property management solution that provides up to the minute information and metrics on your investment.

Focus on Marketing

We are a property management company built by Investors for Investors. We understand investors’ needs when it comes to maximizing returns and ensuring good tenancy is in place. This requires extra attention to marketing that most management companies cannot afford to do. With our "Centralized Marketing" approach we are able to maximize our promotional budget so that it benefits all property owners.

A Fine Balance of Occupancy Vs. Rental Rate

The owners of GPM encountered numerous other property management companies that either dropped rents so low below market to attract tenants or raised rents so high that the occupancy of the apartments/homes were greatly sacrificed.

At GPM we don’t believe in crashing rents in order to attract tenants. We price our units at or slightly above the market and use our expertise in marketing/selling your units to new prospective tenants. Our experienced sales staff is known for closing qualified leads and has a high closing rate.

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